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A look at the GPS Systems

The modern GPS systems give you possibilities for objective monitoring of means of transport.
By the help of 24 satellites in the Earth orbit the systems can determine the situation of particular means of transport with a precision up to 10 metres in real time.
The revolution in communications allows for transfer of information to all the components of the modern GPS systems in a fast and reliable way.
The visualization of the movement on electronic maps and the information generated in real time allow for a rapid and accurate intervention in the management of transport and other processes.

The largest-scale implemented project

MUSAT developed and implemented the high-technology ASKUP system, based on GPS positioning, for management and control of the public transport in the capital. The system monitors over 1200 means of transport.
The exchange of information and speech is implemented through own radio broadcasting network in real time.
The ASKUP structure
The technical devices and software are grouped in four levels:
· On-board computer “Proboardcom” in the vehicle
· ‘Proinfo” Information system for the passengers
· ‘Procommunic” Communication devices for transfer of digital information and speech communications
· Dispatcher Centre with technical means for processing of the information, monitoring of the means of transport and management of the transport process thanks to the unique software product ‘Protranssoft’.

MUSAT implements your system

After delivering your system, MUSAT will provide you with the necessary hardware and software to make it work in a way that will meet all your expectations and needs.
You can determine what parameters will be monitored by the system.
You can specify the screen display, the references and archives that are of importance to you and your work.
The strength of MUSAT is offering full engineering of specific systems that are developed to fulfill the client’s requirements in the most adequate way.

Together in the Future

Partnership is the most important in our common work. You can rely on us for further development and upgrading of your system.

Cost-effective Investment

Your investment in a GPS system will allow you to spare:
Material expenses: by reducing the consumption of fuel, oils and tyres. The experience proves a 30% reduction in the material expenses for the same volume of work.
Labour: by providing objective information about the working hours and the effective use of workforce. Effective control will lead to reduction in idle times. The experiences proves a 20% reduction in the labour expenses after implementation of GPS systems for monitoring and management.
Moreover, thefts and waste of material values also start to diminish.

Quality Enhancing Investment

The quality of the services improves considerably after implementation of GPS systems in terms of accuracy and supply of full and objective information for the clients.
The vehicles’ speeds in the traffic are better regulated and the security is enhanced during transportation.

Effectiveness Enhancing Investment

Monitoring and management of the processes allows you to implement a greater volume of work with the same capacities of means of transport and other resources. After introducing GPS systems, some companies achieved up to 40% increase in the work implemented by the existing resources. This Effectiveness Enhancing Investment will allow you to discharge financial funds and to boost your income.

Investment for the future

GPS systems will be the main factor to certify you activity according to ISO Quality Standard and to offer high-quality services to clients.

Investing now will work for the future.